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2014 Year in Review – Scuba Diving in Palm Beach County

We have had a wonderful year of diving here in South Florida and  with the close of 2014 we’d like to share with you and your friends just a few pictures of the ‘Best Kept Secret’ here in Palm Beach County.

Our year started with lobster hunting (mid-season) and shark migration.

A lemon shark swims alongside a ship wreck in West Palm Beach, Florida. Numerous sharks can be found during the winter months in these waters.

Lemon Shark


As spring approaches our lobster season ends but then we have Turtles!

Mating Loggerhead turtles, the male (on top) uses a claw on his front flipper in order to firmly grasp the female’s shell.

Mating Loggerhead turtles

Mmmmm!! Did you know that a Hawksbill sea turtle’s diet consists primarily of sponges? That is the equivalent of us eating fiberglass! How’s that for a tough digestive system?!?!

Hawksbill turtle


Why so many turtles? Well . . . our beaches for nesting, our beautiful nutrient rich reefs (thank you Gulf Stream) and abundant marine life.  Who wouldn’t want to come to South Florida?

Hawksbill turtle on our beautiful reef

Here a very gravid female brotula takes her turn.  This black brotula swims way inside the green moray eels mouth looking for any tasty parasites.  The green moray  would entice the brotula to clean him by opening his mouth and shaking his body.

Burst of PINK!

Splashes of color and activity!


Whale Shark on Breakers Reef


Many wonderful surprises cruise on by such as this Whale Shark.





Although we revel in the beauty of our reefs, there is also tragedy.

This barrel sponge, estimated to be around 50+ years old, was destroyed in seconds because of an uneducated boater.

Barrel Sponge

Not only do we enjoy our reefs, we also enjoyed our wrecks.


The play of light sets the perfect mood inside the wreck of the Danny McCauley Memorial Wreck.

Danny McCauley Memorial Wreck

As summer ends and the turtles depart, in comes the spawning aggregation of the Goliath Groupers.  Ooo and yes, lobster season started up again.

We love our Goliath Groupers



Mike Ford showing off his catch.

So as the year came to a close we reminisce over the wonder year we have had in our own backyard here in South Florida.  We look forward in sharing with you South Florida’s Best Kept Secret for 2015.

See you on the water!

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