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2016 Scuba Diving New Year’s Resolutions

With January chugging along, Walker’s Dive Charters wants to know… What’s on your 2016 Scuba Diving New Year’s Resolution? If your list doesn’t include scuba diving in West Palm Beach then maybe you should reconsider. As a traveling art show artist, I come across countless divers who see my underwater photography. The first words out their mouth is: “Those photos are from the Bahamas, right?” They are left in disbelief when I tell them that my photographs were, in fact, taken right here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

West Palm Beach has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world and a plethora of marine life, both large and small, covering every corner of our ocean. From whale sharks to seahorses, there isn’t anything you can’t find while scuba diving in West Palm Beach. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at any of the prestigious wildlife photography competitions and you will see that the highest percentage of winning photographs are produced right here in West Palm Beach, Florida. Take, for example, the latest 2015 Ocean Arts Photo Competition. Three of the winning photographs (first, second, and third place winners) were taken right here in West Palm Beach!

Best scuba diving in Florida

So perhaps you’re a little more convinced, but you’re thinking you’ll wait until the summer time when the water is the clearest and warm. Surprise! The photos you are seeing in this post were taken today in a soothing 75 degree water temperature and over 70ft+ of visibility. Conditions vary year round here but rarely are they unlivable — and many, many of those days are pretty blue water. Best of all, you can miss the crowds if you dive during the winter time (a very loosely used term) as many of the locals avoid the slightly cooler water temps. Winter is also a great time to see plenty of sharks in West Palm Beach amongst the countless other marine life. Just today we had a beautiful lemon shark cruise by the group of divers.

Hopefully now I have persuaded you to put West Palm Beach on your 2016 Scuba Diving New Year’s Resolution. Trust me… You won’t be disappointed!

Here are a few more photos from today to whet your Palm Beach diving appetite. If you’re not yet convinced, I welcome you to look through our web site and let the photos and stories convince you.



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