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Action Packed Week in South Florida, Palm Beach

Winter has come to an end and we are rolling from Spring time in to Summer, our reefs are coming more active.  We’d like to share some of the wonders we’ve encounter during this past action packed week in South Florida, Palm Beach.

Turtle Season has started and the turtles (Loggerhead, Leatherback & Green) are moving in for mating and nesting on our beaches.

Although Goliath Grouper season isn’t until later in the year, we do have a few residents that we encounter.

And speaking of area residents, yes we have sharks and dolphins too.

We have an abundance of tropical fish and the school of Spadefish will always catch your eye.

Being so close to the Gulf Stream we get surprise visitors.

Manta and Dive guide Katie


This year has started off with a bang and we expect many wonderful encounters here in South Florida, Palm Beach.

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