Always something special in the Palm Beaches

As winter comes to a close and Daylight Savings Time right around the corner we think about the many wonderful experiences we’ve had this winter.  Then again we have many wonderful experiences year round as there is always something special in the Palm Beaches.  Crew member Allison found 3 Bumblebee Shrimp on this Sea Cucumber.

Our reefs are chock full of tropical fish.

And if we take a closer look we can find more wonders.

We have a few resident Goliath Grouper on our reefs and as we head in to March turtle season starts.  The male Loggerhead turtles are starting to make more of an appearance as they wait for the females to arrive.  Turtle nesting season is March through October.

If you haven’t dove the Palm Beaches, come give us a try as there is always something special in the Palm Beaches.

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