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Any Day Is A Happy Day Out On The Water

Some days we never know what Mother Nature is going to throw at us.  Today was one of those days when we were suppose to have lots of rain and rough seas . . . SURPRISE, only a few sprinkles as we were loading the boat and flat seas once we were out the inlet.  Happy divers?  You bet! We took that window of opportunity and had lots of fun.   Even if it did rain, any day is a happy day out on the water.

We dropped in to the water which was top to bottom visibility (70+ feet), 73 degree water temperature and a mild current.  Off we drifted to see what Mother Nature had to show us.  We came across a few lobster, a few nice size lionfish, schools of tropical fish, a few Loggerhead Turtles, Southern Sting Rays and Goliath Groupers.

Our friend Jim Cocci helped us take a closer look at our friends in the underwater world.

So remember, just because the weather reports says we’ll get a little rain, you just never know what Mother Nature has in store.  We like to think that there is always ‘sunshine’ above and below the waves and any day is a happy day out on the water.

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