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Fatal Attraction

Yesterday we pulled this net which was floating just below the surface of the water.  The net appeared to be part of a commercial trawling net.  On our daily trips we find items such as mylar balloons, buckets, gallon jugs, plastic bags, etc. and that’s just on the surface.  Our guides and regular divers make every effort to keep our reefs clean and come up with plastic bags, bottles and fishing line.  These hazards in our waters are a fatal attraction to our marine life.  It is sad to think that the net we pulled could have entangled a sea turtle which are now here in our waters to breed and nest on our beaches.  Balloons and plastic bags come to mind for the sea turtles as they look are them as food, jelly fish, in which they ingest and slowly kills them.  Our trash kills countless numbers of marine life and it is our duty to keep our beaches and waters clean.

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