Look how our ‘Garden’ grows . . . Beautiful Reefs

Along with the abundant marine life here in South Florida, look how our  ‘Garden’ grows.  Our beautiful reefs are alive and thriving with sponges and soft corals.  Aside from the big Barrel Sponges and beautiful swaying Sea Fans, we take a closer look . . .

Soft coral colonies are always in ‘Bloom’.

We have a variety of  sponges and corals, not only will you see them on our reefs but also on our wrecks:  Finger Corals, Sea Rods, Sea Fans, Brain Corals, Star Corals, Tube Sponges, Barrel Sponges, etc..  Sponges also attracts Hawksbill Turtles to our reefs; sponges are a part of their diet.

Be careful, cover up and no touch  . . . we have hydroids . . . itch itch.

Our marine life and reefs are abundant with life, feed by the Gulf Stream.  So many varieties in our ‘Garden’ to discover.  So when will you be coming to visit?

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