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Lots of Marine Life in Palm Beach Florida

Summer has come to an end and we are now into the fall weather, but does not mean we stop diving here in Palm Beach, Florida, Oooo no . . . there is a lot of marine life in Palm Beach year round.

Our good friend Jim Cocci came out with us yesterday and here are some special moments he captured.

Drifting along the reefs brought us a few unexpected surprises such as the Magnificent Sea Urchins tucked up along the ledge and also out in the sand.  There were some beauties and they were big!  Lobster were plentiful and ranging from the juveniles (just a few inches) to some Grand Daddies.

You are sure to see Moray Eels but what is most exciting to us lately is the number of juvenile eels we have been spotting.

You may see a shark or a turtle tucked up under the ledges resting, but don’t forget to look up in to the water column and see the schools of fish.  We have so many schools that at times it’s like swimming in a fish bowl.

We are lucky enough to have some wonderful reefs right in our own backyard, not even a mile off shore. With the Gulf Stream to close to our shores it’s no wonder we have a lot of marine life!

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