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The ‘Lure’ of Night Dives in Palm Beach, FL.

The lure of night dives in West Palm Beach, Florida are especially exciting for me because of the possibilities of rare and unique marine life encounters. Diving during the day, my field of view is bombarded with colors, movements, and shapes. Finding a specific sea creature or coral is difficult because many other sea creatures are as inviting. The lure, literally in this case, of night dives is the fact that all those external distractions are covered in a cloak of darkness. My vision is focused on the spot illuminated by my flashlight. Finding a longlure frog fish during the day is challenging, but under the cloak of darkness these bright-colored, sponge-looking sea creatures stand out like a sore thumb, as was the case during our night dive last night.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to night dives in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many other sea creatures that are rarely seen during the day make their appearance at night such as viper eels, black brotulas, and crinoid shrimps — to name a few. If you haven’t had the chance to do a night dive in West Palm Beach, Florida yet we HIGHLY recommend it. Go slow and take a closer look at the reef. We promise you will love what you see!

Longlure frog fish at night in West Palm Beach, FL.

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