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Palm Beach Diving – Great Visibility!

While showing my underwater photographs to scuba divers who have only visited the coral reefs of West Palm Beach, Florida, once or twice,  I often surprise them with the blue water visibility that some of my photographs depict. They are quick to question whether this is really West Palm Beach, or whether I have enhanced the photographs in the computer.

While the underwater visibility in West Palm Beach can vary by countless variables from one day to the next (sometimes from one reef to the next), on average we do have many days of great visibility underwater. Thanks to the warm, clear currents of the Gulf Stream, which approach closest to the Florida coast off West Palm Beach, blue water is normally not too far away.

Best scuba diving in Florida is in West Palm BeachThe group was rewarded with great visibility upon jumping into the cobalt-colored water today. From sixty feet above the reef, we could clearly make out the reef below us. Looking out into the horizon, the gin-clear water slowly faded to blue. This clear water brought with it warmer water and a very slight north current. The divers weren’t the only ones relishing these wonderful conditions underwater — the fish, too!

Two shallow dives on the southern reefs brought us face to face with some gorgeous marine life and the striking colors of the reefs of West Palm Beach. A closer look revealed minuscule treasures such as a giant-tipped anemone and a whip coral shrimp. With spring in the air, we also enjoyed watching a large female coronet fish being courted by two smaller males. I spent most of my second dive observing and photographing this wonderful trio. The males would appear to tremble alongside the female — perhaps it was a little fish salsa dance. Whatever the case, the female seemed to be enjoying the extra attention as she seemed completely unconcerned with my close proximity.

Large female coronet fish with two courting malesLike any dive location throughout the world, conditions can sometimes be less than ideal when it comes to underwater visibility for us divers. Consider that the particles producing the less than ideal visibility is food for countless marinelife. Thankfully, thanks to the Gulf Stream, scuba diving in West Palm Beach averages in the 40-50+ feet range with many days of breathtaking 100+ feet of visibility. Come scuba dive in West Palm Beach and experience the best scuba diving in Florida!

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