Safety First, Fun a close Second

Safety First, as we know it,  is most important when scuba diving.  We have our check and balance systems in place to ensure optimal performance while we enjoy the underwater world, FUN is a close second.

Our dive comes to an end, we slowly ascend to the surface to our Safety Stop; one of many safety checks.  We hang at about 15-20 feet allowing for more nitrogen release from our bodies (gassing off).  The Safety Stop is a good time to fine tune our buoyancy before ascending.  We can also check our dive plan to ensure that they have not exceeded any planned dive parameters, no deco please.

What about the FUN you say?  Got a camera?  Great time for a few fun shoots.   OR you could have our Dive guide, Alex, entertain you with bubble rings.

When the fun has ended, don’t forget to check for boat traffic before ascending to the surface.

See you on the water!

Alex and bubble rings

Pictures courtesy of Jim Cocci.  Thanks Jim!


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