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Scuba Diving Palm Beach

When most divers think of scuba diving in Florida they think of the Florida Keys. But there is a place not too far away from the Florida Keys where the scuba diving is amazing. The best scuba diving in Florida is in Palm Beach!

Scuba diving here is unlike any other place in the world. This unique marine environment has a very healthy coral reef system, quite different from the Florida Keys, and an incredible abundance of marine life — both large and small. The reefs and wrecks are a kaleidoscope of sponges, soft corals, and hard corals.

Palm Beach is home to five of the seven species of sea turtles found throughout the world. Our incredible goliath grouper spawning aggregations have reached world fame with articles written in magazines like National Geographic. Fish nerds love Palm Beach, too! The abundance of fish life will leave you in awe. We have the world-famous Phil Foster Park (aka. Blue Heron Bridge). This unique dive site, a simple shore dive away, hosts all kinds of rare sea creatures found nowhere else throughout the Atlantic. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Palm Beach diving!

Scuba diving in Palm Beach is fun and easy! There’s no need to worry about navigating. All of the scuba diving is drift diving. With our professional dive guides to lead the way, you can enjoy a relaxing cruise along the miles of coral reefs and wrecks. The dive guides not only share with you their local knowledge of the reefs and wrecks, but they also carry the dive flag so you can kick back and relax. Do you prefer to avoid the groups and dive with just your dive buddy instead? Not a problem! Experienced divers are welcome to wander on their own without the need to carry a dive flag (safety marker buoys are required).

What is the secret to Palm Beach’s unique  diving environment? No one knows for certain, but the Gulf Stream, which comes in the closest to Florida off the Palm Beach coast, brings with it warm, crystal-blue water with the nutrients to sustain such an incredible abundance of marine life. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let our photographs tell the story of the amazing dives you can experience only here in Palm Beach county. Come out an enjoy some of the best scuba diving in Florida and the world!

We offer daily two-tank dive trips, encompassing reefs, wrecks or deep ledges and there are over 100 dive sites to choose from. We also provide speciality trips such as photography, three-tank dive trips, Black Water drift dives, and night dives. Contact us or call 561.797.DIVE(3483) for more details.

Underwater photography by Lazaro Ruda ::