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Shhhhh . . .Do Not Disturb . . . Turtles At Rest

Turtles at rest, please do not disturb!  With turtle nesting season in full swing, here in Palm Beach Florida, many divers are excited in seeing and having an encounter with these beautiful creatures, but please be mindful, these big beauties need their rest too!

We find the turtles in many different sleeping positions, many seem to be acting like ostriches.

So as you can see, rest is important to the turtles as they are mating and nesting on our beaches,  Pretty exhausting, right?!   Keeping our distance and not disturbing the turtles ensures all divers in  the group are able to encounter them with out them be cautious of us and swimming away.

So Shhh . . . Do not disturb . . .  turtles at rest . . . Just say ‘HI’ and drift on by.

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