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Turtle Love in the Palm Beaches

If you haven’t heard love is in the air, or should we say in our ocean.  Turtle Love in the Palm Beaches is where it’s at. Loggerhead and Green turtles are most prevalent to be seen, with the occasional Leatherback sighting, during mating and nesting season (March thru September).

Mating Green Turtles

These Green turtles were seen on the surface doing their little ‘tango’ when Captain Mike Walker slipped back into the waters and snuck up on the duo and followed them to the bottom to get these photos.

While diving our reefs you can pretty much guarantee turtle sightings.  If you are a photographer there are lots of opportunities to get ‘that’ shot.

So come drift along with us and experience the love we have for our turtles and beautiful reefs.

See you on the water!

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