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Variety is the Spice of Life in the Palm Beaches

So you’ve come to Palm Beach, Florida to go diving, do you have a few days?  Well,  it may not be enough time to see all that we have to offer here in our waters, but we can start you off on a few of our beautiful reefs.  Some of our reefs are less than a mile off shore and stretches up  the coast. You’ll be amazed at the variety and abundance of marine life.

There is a variety of morays that can be found such as the Green Moray, Purplemouth and Spotted Moray.

The Gray Angelfish is just one of many varieties found here in Palm beach.   Trumpetfish and Bluespotted Cornetfish are abundant.

How about some wreck diving?


We have a variety of wrecks to explore with in 3 miles of our beaches, excellent for advanced dives and for those getting their wreck specialty.

Visit us different times of the year and you’re sure to experience the variety that makes the Palm Beaches so special. Summer brings us turtles, Fall brings the Goliath Groupers and winter welcomes a variety of sharks.  Although you can see the turtles, grouper and sharks year around, the seasons are your best bet in experiencing them.


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