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West Palm Beach Underwater Macro Marine Life

Every once in a while I enjoy changing the perspective from which I look at the coral reefs of West Palm Beach. Instead of looking for the larger marine life such as the sea turtles, sharks, lobsters, countless tropical fish, and more, I enjoy slowing way down and looking carefully at the intricacy of the coral reefs and its abundance of macro marine life.

West Palm Beach underwater macro life is quite spectacular and rarely appreciated. Sure, the world famous Phil Foster Park (a.k.a. Blue Heron Bridge) gets a lot of attention for its unique macro life, but the reefs of West Palm Beach are also a hidden gem of macro marine life.

Yellowline arrowcrab on a Florida corallimorph

Yellowline arrowcrab on a Florida corallimorph

You can find countless numbers of cleaner shrimps, colorful crabs, over a dozen different species of eels, sea stars, octopus, jawfish — the list seems endless. Then there are those extra special critters that are usually high on the underwater photographers list such as frogfish, black brotulas, seahorses, flying gurnards, whip coral shrimps, and much more. Best of all, you can photograph these creatures with some of the most strikingly colorful coral reef backgrounds.

The search for West Palm Beach’s underwater macro life is part of the fun and challenge. There’s stuff everywhere and it’s easy to have your visual senses overloaded. An hour underwater goes by very quickly when you’re engrossed in the wonderful macro marine life of West Palm Beach.

But don’t take my word for it… Here are just of few of the beautiful macro marine life I photographed during today’s dive trip:

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