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Winter Time Splendor in Palm Beach

Diving Palm Beach in the winter can be very exciting.  Winter time splendor in Palm Beach is the time of the year when we have shark activity as they are migrating through our area.  Today (19 Jan 2015) we headed out to two of our favorite dive sites for shark sightings, Shark Canyon and Governors Riverwalk Wrecks. The Nurse Sharks were plentiful and the Lemon Sharks are starting to make more of their appearance.  We are looking forward to more shark activity in the next month or two.

Look here . . . we have many resident Green Moray Eels on our reefs and wrecks.

We came across this beautiful Green Turtle that was very friendly. I think he was just as curious of us as we were of him.


Our divers were able to view many winter splendors as they drifted along the reef and wrecks here in Palm Beach.

We were not disappointed to be visited by  ‘Shadow’, resident Goliath Grouper, as we dove Shark Canyon.  You can be sure you will be greeted and followed as you drift along.  Many photos ops to be had.

So grab your gear, come dive with us and discover the splendor that is Palm Beach.


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