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Diving Is Even Better In Palm Beach

Whoever came up with the slogan, It’s Better In The Bahamas, obviously never went scuba diving in Palm Beach, Florida. Okay, so diving in the Bahamas is pretty cool, but really… On a day of scuba diving like we had today there isn’t much I miss about the Bahamas. Today’s dives included crystal-clear blue water, a very mild current, and marine life in abundance — including some unique critters more commonly seen in the Bahamas such as the long-snout butterfly fish and some very healthy strands of staghorn coral.


Of course, it’s not a true Palm Beach dive without seeing a few sea turtles (score 1 for Palm Beach – 0.5 for Bahamas). Sea turtle nesting season is well under way and we are seeing countless amorous loggerhead sea turtles on the surface, so be sure to watch where you’re going if you’re out boating on your own. All this love in the air water even inspired the large barrel sponges into a little love-making of their own as a lot of the reef was covered in future baby sponges. Of all the cool marine life encounters I had today, the top award goes to the pair of mating and egg-laying Caribbean reef squid. It’s not every day I happen to be at the right place and at the right time to see something like this.


I think those who were on today’s dive boat will agree… It might be Better in the Bahamas but Diving Is Even Better in Palm Beach! Check out some of today’s photos and see for yourself. When you’re done, pick up your phone and call Captain Bill Walker (561.797.3483) and book your spot for a great day, or week, of diving. You can leave your passport at home (score 2 Palm Beach, Bahamas 0.5).




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