Lobsters, Lionfish, Hogfish and a Gator!

Today’s conditions and reef sites were excellent for our divers.  We headed to our most southern reefs; Paul’s Reef and Horseshoe Reef.   We had a little north current, 50 foot of vis and 84 degree water temp.  We drifted along the west side  enjoying the scenic beauty of the reefs.  Our photographers were in heaven shooting their pictures.   On the back side of the reef (east side) our hunters were busy gathering their catch; lobsters, lionfish and a few hogfish.  We even had a catch of the day . . . A GATOR!

Catch of the day . . The Fluffy Stuffed Gator !

Even though we had a few rain showers everyone was all smiles.  We even enjoyed some birthday cake, celebrating Michele’s (dive guide) birthday.

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