Great weather and conditions here in South Florida!

Mother Nature is being good to us right now, here in South Florida, before winter really sets in.  We expected crisp weather as we arrived at the boat this morning only to be surprised that the weather man got it wrong again.  The conditions today were awesome and the weekend is expected to be the same.  We had a warm 81 degree air temperature with a light breeze, 1-2 foot seas, 80 foot of visibility, 79 degree water with a very mild current.  This sure beats the weather the northerners are having right now.

Our dive sites for the day were North Double Ledges and Mid Reef / Spearman’s Barge.  A few of the highlights for the day were  a small Loggerhead turtle, a tiger shark and small hammerhead shark at the surface as we were on our surface interval.  The tropical’s were abundant, as usual, with a few lobster being caught.

If you are a fair weather diver, it would be wise to get your diving fix now before the cooler temps come creeping.  See you on the water!

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